Adobe Reader Lite

A simpler version of the powerful software for reading portable digital files on mobile devices

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Adobe Reader Lite takes the top features of Adobe Reader and transforms the program into something that is smaller and easier to use.

While Adobe Reader is the top choice for many people who read and download PDF files, a large number of those users hate just how bloated the software is and how much space it uses on their hard drives. With Adobe Reader Lite, you get access to all the features that you love in a smaller package that you can download and use on any device.

This is one of the top options for those who like customizing their experiences because it comes with a number of settings and features that you can change based on your preferences. You can change the length and size of each line on the page to keep those lines from going so far to the right or left that you need to scroll over, and you can adjust the 2D snap and measuring settings. Some of the other settings that you can adjust include identity, JavaScript and security. Changing the security settings will prevent you from downloading files that are corrupted or contain spyware.

Adobe Reader Lite lets you change the page display settings too. The automatic settings adjusts the zoom and layout automatically to a size and design that you can easily follow and fits your screen. You can use your system settings when picking the resolution of those documents, but you can also set a custom resolution based on the clarity of your screen and the file itself. There is an option for laptop users too that will automatically render the document to best fit most laptop computers.

If you're on the hunt for issues with this program, you won't find many. Some dislike that it doesn't come with full support the way Adobe Reader does. You'll need to search the web or contact the company yourself to get answers to your questions because you cannot access support through the program. It also doesn't do anything new in terms of helping you read and view PDF files. You cannot use it to edit and save PDF files either. Some users may find that they have better PDF viewers already installed on their computers.

Those who like the way Adobe Reader looks and runs but don't like the size of the program or all the added features found on it will prefer this version. Adobe Reader Lite lets you easily view and read newspaper articles and other types of PDF files.


  • Includes a variety of different customization features
  • Can zoom in and out to see pages easier
  • Works on pages with just text or text and photos
  • Removes some of the elements that made the original program so large
  • Many of the same features and settings as Adobe Reader


  • Lacks any help or support
  • Doesn't do anything other PDF readers cannot

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